Good things come in pairs, like bacon & burgers, alcohol & me, and boo-uh yeah, you get the point. @1.30dimsumsg char siew baos come in pairs, and they’re remarkably delish for the low proce of admission.⠀

While the interior cavity of the steamed bun isn’t packed with char siew, there’s enough of the sweet & savoury barbecued pork bits in there to satisfy. Of course, there are a couple of fatty bits in there, hidden away and ready to explode on your tongue like the flavour bombs that they are.⠀

A common issue, especially with factory mass produced baos, is the dough being way too thick & bready. This bao suffered from no such problem, being of sufficient thickness to induce satisfaction while not being off putting. It’s also pillow soft and stunningly supple, and requires next to no chewing.⠀

Inflation & the cost of living is going absolutely mad, but Kuai San Dian Xin still has you covered with cheap yet reliable eats.⠀

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