Curds were soft but thats not very noticeable unless you're really paying attention to it, chili was nice and the flavours come tgt well

But not crispy. That's very noob, they're inconsistent. I even went to ask other tables, just to make sure it's not me. Apparently they're just off today, it's "normally better". Well "normally" I aint at frigging nowhere in the middle of braddell, toa payoh, and caldecott.

Plus, for this level of food, they've got way too much attitude. I asked something about the food and they were very dismissive, being annoyed for no reason. The Aunty just seems to always be in a bad mood wtf

Not to mention the wait. Today, at 10am on a weekday, it was 15mins which was acceptable.

There's really no reason to travel to this ulu place and bear w the attitude when the food is inconsistent. Trust the 3.7 rating on google, it's that for a damn good reason