So glad my friend and I shared the sandwiches at this place, because they are really generous with the meat! The smoked pastrami brisket was just overflowing in between the slices of caraway rye sourdough toast, it wasn’t too salty on its own but the sheer amount of it in the sandwich made it quite so, along with the provolone cheese. Fortunately there was sauerkraut and Russian dressing to cut through the salty and savoury notes.

Overall a very tasty sandwich, would recommend to share otherwise the pastrami brisket can get quite overwhelming. Slightly pricey for a sandwich, but the amount of meat and tastiness of the dish kinda makes up for its price.

Visited on a public holiday and at 11am, their tater tots were already out of stock! This eliminated many of their breakfast options, sadly. Would return again earlier to try their other options.

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