[Vegan, London] If there’s one thing that I love London for, it’s that they have embraced vegan food so tightly. Personally, I think vegan burgers are among the finer specimens of this type of cuisine. The Holy Smoke is a 100% vegan-friendly creation from The Vegan Burger Bar that can be found at a pop-up stall in Borough Market. 🌱🍔

From what I can remember of it, this hit all the right notes of satisfaction - just picture the softest pair of buns packing a thick, grilled succulent plant-based patty, a ton of sliced red onions smothered in BBQ sauce, faux bacon, vegan cheese which had the smell and milkiness resembling regular cheese, albeit like a cousin. 🌚🌝

I’m so sure that this is the kind of food that would amaze a sceptic of veganism and rethink about just how delicious plant-based food can actually be. It is pricey, yes, but it deserves one try at least. And personally, I think it was money well-spent! (8.1/10)