📍MukJja, 275 Thomson Rd, #01-07📍
💸 Noodle with black bean sauce: $10.80
💸 Fried chicken with garlic sauce (S): $32

Despite being one of the newer korean restaurants, it definitely stands out as one of the more authentic ones. Our favourite here was definitely their signature jjajangmyeon topped with generous amounts of meat and onions in a black bean sauce. Pair it with some pickled radish, which is definitely jjajangmyeon's best friend as it helps to cut through the grease.👭

Wanted to try something different from tangsuyuk, so we got the kkanpungi (spicy fried chicken with garlic sauce) instead. And we actually liked it more! As the sauce is not the sticky type unlike in tangsuyuk, the chicken remained crispy even after being left out for a while. Also, the sauce gave a nice kick to the dish!🌶️

Overall, we had a really great and authentic experience at mukjja. What's even better is that they offer value-for-money sets and many other types of korean dishes you don't get in other restaurants. What's not to love?☺️