Tono is now permanently closed, but they are back in the form of canchita at dempsey. Burpple would y’all please consider listing canchita on beyond? :)

I first discovered tono because it was available on burpple beyond. The ceviche in the foreground was the star of the outstanding meal at tono. This was composed of market fish which tasted very fresh; crispy baby calamari that had a very light batter so it didn’t feel greasy as all; purple potato where the natural sweetness shone through; smoked aji amarillo tiger’s milk (the sauce) which was really good. The smokiness + refreshing elements of the sauce really blew us away! The other dishes were also very tasty.

Also, the service is outstanding! The waiter was very friendly and kept coming by to talk to us / clear our plates / refill our glasses of water. He also gave good dish recommendations.

Truly the best meal I’ve discovered through burpple! :)

Gratz on L9! Glad to see a new dp to celebrate the occasion :D
Hahah thank u!! But it’s coincidental, we just happened to recently take a pic tgt 😂