Have been eyeing this for so long but the price is ehhhhh cuz this is so so small. But finally got it cuz I wanted to get dat smexy 流沙 shot. Unfortunately I am a disappointment so I ended up not having a 流沙 as I think I reheated this too long 😪 (either that or the bun didn't have the 流 factor to begin with, but I think it's my fault) sighhhh

Failed 流沙 aside, this is definitely the best salted egg polo bun I've had. The polo cookie is crispy and really fragrant, and the salted egg filling has a really strong salted egg taste. The bread is those dense and chewy kinds. The small size is also pretty good cuz it can get jelak.

Sad that I ruined a good lava shot but this was good! Probably won't get it again cuz of the price, but worth a try!

⭐ Rating: 9/10 dormant volcanoes
🤑 worth the price: ehhh
🦖 would I buy again: probably not
💍 would I marry: yes