When @littlefrench_sg first opened its doors, it was a dinner only French bistro, but they’ve since expanded to lunch with their reasonably priced lunch sets. For $24.80++, you get a choice of a tuna tataki salad or a French onion soup for the starter, and a choice between a roasted leg of poulet (chicken), lamb burgundy linguine, or barramundi grenobloise, all washed down by either coffee or tea.⠀

While Little French Bistro’s set lunch certainly isn’t the most bang for your buck on the market, the dishes served are all full portions so your hunger will definitely be satisfied. I needed to eat healthier that week, so the tuna tataki salad fit the bill nicely. A trio of sesame encrusted seared tuna slices are complemented by crumbled blue cheese, compressed watermelon, artfully twirled ribbons of zucchini, razor thin slices of red radish, cherry tomatoes and a few wedges of dehydrated mandarins, all dressed with a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil and balsamic vinegar.⠀

It’s really more of a fruit salad than an actual salad due to the ratio of fruit to veg. The radish & zucchini were sharp & sour due to the balsamic, which was offset by the sweetness of the compressed watermelon & mandarin orange wedges. The finely seared tuna slices possessed an alluringly meaty texture, broken up by the crunch of the sesame seeds, and complemented by the creamy, funky & salty flavours of the blue cheese. ⠀

They were a bit too heavy handed on the balsamic though, as the salad was definitely firmly on the acidic side, and I found myself relying on the sweetness of the fruit to chase down the sourness of the balsamic vinegar. Still a decent salad though, and a solid opener for Little French Bistro’s lunch set.

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