The matcha milk tea hotpot accompanied with sweet and savoury toppings including taro, purple sweet potatoes, pumpkin, yam, coconut and fruit jellies, mala bakwa and tender milk beef. The Ying-Yang mala served together with matcha milk tea with some sliced cucumbers as the separator. The service crew has recommend to drink the matcha milk tea from straw then he/she will portion the dessert into smaller portion. We were then able to cook the savoury ingredients into the matcha milk tea hotpot. I’m not used to having sweet stuffs before savoury. I’m targeting the mala broth instead! My partner has tried dipping some vegetables into the matcha hotpot. She has noted that the matcha milk tea hotpot was very light, almost no taste. .
Where to dine?
Spice World Hot Pot at Clarke Quay 香天下火锅克拉码头店
Block B, 3 River Valley Road, 01-06/07, Clarke Quay S(179021)

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