Bought their Fried 3 joint wing Nasi lemak set for takeaway (this outlet at Jem only has takeaway option) at $5.90 and added a banana leaf squid otah for $1.90.

Arguably, the most important thing I care about in a Nasi Lemak is the coconut rice and the sambal chilli. Lee Wee managed to get both of this correct. The rice could have done withmore coconut milk taste but it was savoury in taste as opposed to sweet in many cases. The chilli had some heat in it but also just a little sweet. The ikan bilis and groundnuts were provided for in a packet to keep its crispiness but portion was miserly compared with the competition.

After that, it was all downhill. The pale looking, batter coated chicken wing was almost soggy, not crispy at all. Wonder if it was because of the takeaway. The fish otah and the extra banana leaf squid otah were both very ordinary. Certainly the latter was not worth the money. As for the fish cake, it was factory made and fried some time ago.

Not a good first impression. If there is a chance, I will try it at other outlets to see if dining in makes a difference.