Yet another bakery to look out for, The Flour Department’s March exclusive bakes were pretty exquisite (so glad I snagged it before the new menu comes out). Skipping their Cheese Fries Choux because I am really not that adventurous, their Ondeh Cake Tart and Peanut Mochi Paris Brest (Eclair) were right up my alley.

Giving the Peranakan traditional flavours a French-style twist, the Ondeh Cake Tart ($8/slice) was my favourite of the two. Real aromatic, the delightful layer of creamy kaya custard went perfectly with the airy coconut cream, moist coconut frangipane and fluffy pandan cake. The softness of the filling then balanced with the buttery tart crust and the crunch from the abundance of snow-white coconut shavings covering the entire slice. Not too sweet, the distinct pandan fragrance was the best part and the QQ ondeh-ondeh bursting with caramel-y Gula Melaka was quite literally the icing on the cake (though I would prefer if the dough was slightly thinner).