Actually my first time to this hawker centre and was so impressed by the halal fare!

We tried the Ayam Penyet ($7) from Adam Chicken Rice and first of all, the portion is huge! Digging your spoon into the chicken thigh triggers a satisfying crunch from the crispy skin and reveals juicy and flavourful meat within. The rice is flavoured with chicken stock and was fluffy! If you like your food spicy, their chili definitely has the punch. A dish I have no complaints about!

Another dish we ordered was Soup Kambing ($8) from Bahrakath Mutton Soup King, and it was so impressive that I couldn't take a good picture before it was gone😂 The soup itself was such a thick broth and had a wonderful herbal flavour. Mutton meat within were very tender too. Love this so much!

We also ordered satay on the side as well from Zaiton Satay ($0.80 each) and although they were slightly tough, the meats were so flavourful and addictive. Definitely a great addition to the mains.