This behemoth sandwich ($15) was composed of two thick sourdough slices lightly smeared with yogurt mayo sandwiching a HUGE portion of marinated chicken as well as cucumber and tomato slices. It came with a hefty side of greens as well.

The sourdough was really good. The generous slices were grilled to a crispy, toasty perfection which could stand up to the mayo and wet vegetables without turning soggy. The chicken was spiced with Middle Eastern flavors, kind of tasting like a more atas version of kebab chicken. The yogurt mayo was light and tangy without being overpowering. And the greens balanced out the meal with their refreshing lightness and just the slightest hint of dressing.

These simple elements came together to form a simple but well-executed, flavorful, filling sandwich. (yes, sandwiches don't have to be boring or overly complex :D) Pair it with one of Kith's excellent coffees like the Iced Coffee ($5.50) made with their signature blend of beans for a complete, satisfying meal.


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