Two options at Saigon Food Street (stall 17) for Beef Phở: Normal ($2.50) & Large ($5.00). The prices for Normal potions are the first thing you see when you look up at the menu, so you think the food here is super affordable. But step up to the counter & see the menu inside, just above the kitchen-- those are the prices for the Large bowls.

Don't get me wrong, though, the Large bowls are still very affordable-- & I'm pleased to report that the proportion of beef slices to noodles was just right in the Large bowl. Does it taste like a certain Vietnamese restaurant's Beef Phở? Yes, & it costs about half the price. I am mighty pleased & I will return.

The friendly uncle serving me said I should try the Premium Beef Phở ($8.00) next time... We shall see. I was quite happy with my ordinary bowl of phở. The noodles were silky smooth, thin beef slices nicely cooked (only a few pieces that required more chewing than I would've liked). The soup was light yet tasty; I drank it all to the last drop. I do miss the herbs that come with traditional phởs in Vietnam, but I don't think that's very common to serve here in Singapore so I won't fault them for that.

I actually thought this stall was in a coffeeshop with but a few stalls. Pleasant surprise to find that there are 28 stalls in total in this hawker centre managed by NTUC Foodfare. With so much variety, it's worth a re-visit. I will be back ☺

💷 Cash only
☀️ Sheltered, non-airconditioned seats
(I mean, it's a hawker centre...)