Yakitori Set of 5 sticks ($13.80) 🍢🍡
We chose 2 x Pork wrapped Enoki, 2 x Miso Buta and 1 x Pork Wrapped Asparagus
You could really taste the miso on the skewers and the meat was SO juicy (unlike a certain place oops)! The pork wrapped enoki and asparagus tasted really good too, even the veggies absorbed that pork goodness! 👍
Taste: 4.5/5
Stonks: 4/5
Overall: 4.5/5 ❤ must try!
Tamako Meal is a jap restaurant tucked along Casuarina Rd and serves up simple jap food that tastes like your mum made it 🤩at very affordable prices !! We come here about once a month and have never been disappointed ☝🏻 the crowds get crazy around 7, so do make a reservation or come down after 8 to avoid the queues! (p.s. use favepay ecards to score some cashbacks for your next visit cuz you’ll DEF be back 🤞🏻)

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