We chanced upon Cuba Libre on Burpple Beyond and we decided to give the restaurant a try, as we thought their fare sounded interesting! We ordered the Mojito Chicken, which was one of their signature items. The dish contains a slab of chicken thigh that was drenched in mango salsa, and served atop broccoli, cauliflowers and carrots.

The chicken thigh was soft and we liked that it was slightly fatty too. The thigh was drenched in mango salsa, which was slightly sweet and a little spicy as well. There was also a slightly alcoholic aftertaste from the sauce, which made for a pretty interesting flavour and nothing like what we have tried before. However, our only complaint was that the serving size was too small, especially since we were paying close to $25 for the dish.

Be sure to make a reservation beforehand if you are heading there on a weekend night as the restaurant was fully booked. Also, do note that if you want to dine indoors to view their live band, you have to prepared to spend at least $100 per person. 😰