This is a like a stuffd kiosk, where u pick the protein, veg, and sauces. Their pita was flat like a wrap, just in a pita pocket shape. Not a fan. Thankfully, the filling was p decent - I liked the falafel, which was slightly crunch, nicely spiced and crumbly. For the fresh veg, I got tomato, purple cabbage, lettuce (not iceberg), cucumbers, black and green olives. They were crunchy and not too stale. There’s 3 sauces - hummus, garlic yogurt, and a homemade sauce. I got the non-spicy ones! They placed the filled pita on a panini press, making it piping hot when served. Overall I enjoyed it other than the lacklustre pita pocket (it feels like it’s from a supermarket packet), idm having it again but it’s not something I would crave for (unlike miznon 🤪).