They are a small eatery with few tables, so be sure to book online before making your way down. If you are driving, go early as parking in Little India is usually a nightmare. Service is inconsistent as some staff can be rude but some polite. Food is generally quite good, and their cocktails, specifically margaritas/ mojitos, are super refreshing and a must-order.

We had fish tacos, chicken quesadilla and pulled beef nachos. They are all good in their own way but also could be better, and I don't see them becoming my staple Mexican fare for that reason, as well as the inaccessibility of the location but I would crave their food once in awhile! I think they have a very unique way of preparing the same Mexican dishes you can have elsewhere, which is what makes me come back.

Borracho Fish Tacos ($14): I love the fish. It is super just-out-the-wok crispy, yet light and almost melt-in-your-mouth at the same time. If I could describe fried food as fresh, this would be it. The tangy dressing drizzled also complements it perfectly. My only issue with this dish is the soggy soft shell tacos. It does this dish so much injustice and would be FAR better in hard shell tacos but you don't get a choice here.

Chipotle Chicken Quesadilla ($14): Their Quesadilla is pretty good; crispy and tasty enough. But I recommend eating it as a sharing dish as this does get boring quickly as a main course, perhaps due to lack of texture and sharp flavors. The good thing however is that it is consistent!

Loaded Nachos with Ancho Beef ($16): Generous with the beef servings. And their pulled beef is good and satisfying to eat with nachos. Just feel like this dish could be even better if the nachos used were thicker and not as crisp-like. But it's still not too bad! I do enjoy this one overall.

We did finish off with Golden Churros ($8) which was nothing to shout about. I wish I didn't order it as it made my dinner a little worse, so skip this one.