Visited Tipo Pasta Bar for the first time!

Realised that their pasta menu is actually very similar to Tipo Strada! Both outlets have the build your own pasta menu! The only slight differences for the pasta menu is the fixed bowl where their selections are slightly different!

Here is what I tried this time round:
-Absolute Alfredo for Gemelli (parsley pasta) [$17.90++]: Love their creamy white sauce! This came with swiss brown mushrooms and chicken (which was more like steamed chicken to me than "smoked chicken")
-Build your own pasta: Linguine Chilli Garlic Pasta + Aglio Olio + White Clams [$14.4++]: Free toppings were included and we added ALL and it was a WRONG choice lol! The toppings added were chilli flakes, extra virgin olive oil, garlic chips and birds eye chilli. The addition of the birds eye chilli and chilli flakes plus it was a chilli garlic pasta SUPER FIERY! I couldn't stomach more than 3 scoops of it whoops! Lesson learnt, just stick to adding garlic chips only the next time!