@tonito.singapore does a lot more than Mexican food, they showcase the best culinary creations that central & South America have to offer. I’m more than happy to broaden my culinary horizons while broadening my waistline, especially with Brazilian comfort classics like this here Picadillo ($28++).⠀

While picadillo is a dish common throughout countries with Hispanic heritage, Tonito’s version is Brazilian. The stew starts with a base of diced tomatoes in which a fair amount of minced beef is stewed in, and is bulked up by the addition of unidentifiable beans, diced tomatoes, corn, and finished with a smattering of tortilla tortilla strips & a sprinkling of crumbly cheese on top.⠀

Now, after consulting with the oracle known as google, I realised that this Brazilian stew is missing olives & capers. What is present though, is a thoroughly comforting & heartwarming dish. The tangy tomato sauce is more like a sapid soup, with enough liquidity to it to be sipped on. I’m almost certain it contains cinnamon & cloves besides the usual herb & spice mix of cumin, oregano and paprika, which explains its peculiarly warming qualities.⠀

The superbly savoury minced beef adds a gorgeous flavour to the tangy tomato stew base, while the beans supply the starchiness that make this dish incredibly satisfying for every appetite & hunger level. The tomatoes and corn are there to make sure you’re eating your veggies, and they are a nice injection of sweetness into the stew. While I do wish that there was some bread or toasted tortillas on the side to mop up every last drop of that stunningly sapid stew, I’m incredibly impressed with this stew. I do hope that Tonito make this a permanent menu fixture, because this was excitingly excellent.⠀

Mucho gracias for hosting me, @burpple & @tonito.singapore!⠀

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