"Another salad place in the CBD? Really?" You snort in derision as you prepare to drop a good $15-20 at the Daily Cut.

As it stands, Chopped, which has set up shop at the end of the NTUC Foodfare in the basement of Clifford Centre, is the most generous for the price of admission. One salad base (I chose romaine lettuce), a protein option, a dressing and unlimited toppings costs a whopping...$9.90. That's right, ten bucks. And there's NO LIMIT to the number of toppings that you can choose.

The toppings range from the usual flora (think shredded carrots, Japanese cucumbers, black olives and the like), to the fauna (such as the turkey ham), and it even encompasses the all addictive carbs.

I elected not to go with any carbs, but instead loaded the deep ol' Tupperware with veg, turkey ham and a teriyaki chicken chop. The vegetables were sufficiently fresh and served generously as is the standard. The teriyaki chicken is surprisingly moist and juicy, considering that it had been sitting in a food warmer all sliced up all day long prior to me devouring it, and it delivers on the taste as well. The Caesar dressing is luscious and creamy, and I suspect it to be a full fat dressing, so if you're counting your fat intake, you might wanna swerve this.

Overall, if you're looking to eat clean when you're dead broke, Chopped is confirm plus chop to be the best damn bet round town.

More like comfirm plus chicken chop amirite
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