I love my tonkatsu, and I’m glad that @onkei.tonkatsu quality tonkatsu sets are able to fulfil my katsu cravings!

The set for 2 available on Burpple Beyond ($39.90) consists of a variety of katsu that will definitely fill you up!

The Pork Loin katsu was very crisp, and the meat within was meaty, quite succulent and slightly tender. Although it was not the most tender I’ve eaten, it is definitely one of the better ones. The Fish Katsu was actually much bigger and better, due to its fresh, sweet flaky meat that was really irresistible!

The Ebi Katsu that comes with the set was very fresh and succulent within as well. The kaarage and fried oyster given were also so tender and flavourful that we wished there was more!

The set also comes with rice, soup and cabbage that is refillable, and I’m glad those were available to cut through all the fat from all the delicious fried meats!

Definitely a back I will be back whenever I have some katsu cravings!