As a peach lover, I was ecstatic to discover that Paris Baguette has launched a whole new series of peachy delights in their Pick A Peach! 🍑 collection!

🧀 Triple Peach Cheese Tart
Three luscious layers of peach perfection in one bite: peach mascarpone cheesecake, peach jelly crowned with juicy white peach slices.

🍰 Peach Oolong Tea Cake
Mini delight with oolong white choco ganache, juicy peach compote, topped with peach slices and pistachio sprinkle.

🥗 Peach Shrimp Garden Salad
Spiced grilled shrimp, juicy white peach slices with a side of tangy peach vinaigrette sauce that comes together with fresh greens.

🍑 Pigu Peach Bread
Cloud-like creamy soft bread filled with luscious peach whipped cream, peach filling, hugged in a decadent white chocolate coat.

🍮 Peach Royal Pudding
Luscious peach mousse meets silky milk pudding, topped with a glossy layer of peach jelly and burnt caramel for a surprise finish.

Paris Baguette’s Pick A Peach! collection is a celebration of summer's favorite fruit, transforming it into creative, mouth-watering treats. Don’t miss out on these delightful treats!