It's been a long time since I've had some dim sum done right, and I'm glad I finally gave Tak Po a go.

Whenever I have dim sum, lotus leaf glutinous rice is a definite must order for me, and Tak Po's definitely met my expectations even though it was disappointingly small. The glutinous rice was sticky but not unappealingly so, and was strongly infused with the fragrance of the lotus leaf. The chunks of chicken and mushroom within were stunningly savory and downright delish.

The fried carrot cake was charmingly crisped on the outside but soft and sumptuous on the inside. Light on the grease but full on the flavor, the fried carrot cake was the more sinful version of the steamed yam cake, which was every bit as tasty especially with the soy-based sauce that didn't leave us gagging for water after the meal.

The scallop with seaweed dumpling was just heavenly. Those plump, juicy scallops were bursting with fantastic flavor, yet was relatively light on the palette and guilt free. The same goes for the hearty har gows, which were loaded with a large, fresh succulent prawn each and wrapped in a skin that's thick enough to withstand the onslaught of a chopstick, but thin enough to separate cleanly and with minimal fuss with a single bite. With dishes so great, the chicken feet sort of just faded into the background. While it was definitely decent with its rich, delicious sauce, it just wasn't particularly memorable.

While a little on pricey side, Tak Po is definitely a place that I'd go back to every time a dim sum craving crops up.