You won't want to miss this mystery cafe located within the factory area if you are around Mount Austin.😮
It's easy to miss out this place as its outer appearance just look like any other factory. One have to just watch out for the "tree" looking logo with Just Want Coffee tagline on the big shuttle door to avoid going round and round within the area. Even if you reached the right location, there are still doubt about it.😅
Once you enter from the small door by the side, be amazed by its interior warm layout which comes along with some good cooling ventilation. Good place to chill in and avoid those crowded cafe while hiding away from the sun too.🤭
Wasn't that hungry so we had desserts and drinks. It was fabulous especially their Tiramisu.😋
Tiramisu(RM 18.50)😋
Awesome big, chill and sweet rectangular slice that truly take your breath away with every mouthful of it. Layers of well-soaked savoiardi and creamy mascarpone cheese blend with JWC coffee and cocoa powder. The best I had for now.🤗
You can really taste the strong alcohol content within the lady finger. The first mouthful was damn solid and the booziness hits hard. Might get tipsy after having the whole piece.😛
The cheese in it wasn't jelak at all and helps create texture. Must try!
Triple Fromage(RM 15)😍
Not often you get to find fromage cake in cafe and what makes it better was a great delicious piece of fromage cake.
Delicate light genoise cake with mozzarella cheese, mascarpone cheese mousse and Australian cheese.
Taste light yet cheesy, creamy on the top, spongy and moist on the base. Great piece to finish it while it's cold.
Black Magic(RM 18)😌
Not knowing what this was so order and see lor. Got a shock when it arrived cause the cup so freaking huge. Nice classic latte art. No black magic was involved when ordering this. Oh wait maybe its already been casted that why I having this.😬 No regret tho, I get to enjoy a soothing and comforting cup of coffee.
It has a smooth foam on top, tasted mild acidic, moderately bitter and a well-balanced ratio of milk to coffee taste. Comes with a piece of biscuit too.
Original Chocolate(Hot)(RM 14)
Not a coffee drinker? It's okay. Get yourself a hot cup of thick, hearty and rich chocolatey sweet chocolate.
🚩JustWantCoffee, The Factory 30, 30, Jalan Mutiara Emas 5/3, Taman Mount Austin, 81100 Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia
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