One last drink for the road before Lockdown 2: Electric Boogaloo kicks in at midnight, and was a damn good place to have the Last Sipper. The interior decor is decidedly brutalist (fun architect fact: the name brutalism is derived from the French ‘béton brut’, which roughly translates to ‘raw concrete’. Nothing to do with its usually oppressive scale or the stiff straight planes), but the delightfully dulcet tones of the smoothest jazz tunes slithering through the speakers make for an incredibly relaxed & comfy beer binging experience.⠀

Almost Famous has fourteen taps of brilliant beer to match the music, and this beautiful blonde is @brewlander Resurgence Saison. It costs quite a pretty penny at sixteen bucks per pint before an additional ten percent service charge is slapped on, but it’s a rare brew that you can’t find on tap anywhere else.⠀

Saison is beer brewing’s yesterday man, as everyone and their dog is busy brewing up even more IPAs. However, the Resurgence Saison is definitely capable of going toe to toe with any IPA, with its controlled hoppiness and bright floral overtones. It’s delectably refreshing, a little astringent, and crisp on the finish. Truly a delightful beer for a sweltering Singapore summer day, and I’d gladly take another pint of it.