The third of five wines to be paired with zi char zingers at @newubinseafood was Brigaldara’s 2017 vintage Cavolo Amarone which can best be likened to a Cabernet Merlot blend from Australia. The Cavolo possesses a heavy & silky body, and delicate flavours of ripe cherries & plums, cocoa and vanilla. I would’ve paired this indulgent wine with a succulent ribeye, but New Ubin were thinking outside the box and paired it with two unexpected dishes instead.⠀

First up was the Joo Hee Char (or Jiu Hu Char), which is yam bean (a.k.a jicama) with dried squid. This is an exceedingly rare dish, and this was my fabulous first experience with this Peranakan dish. The bouncy, chewy textures of the dried squid paired surprisingly well with the crisp crunch of the yam bean, and New Ubin added in extra crunchiness in the form of the strands of deep fried noodles. The Joo Hee Char is seasoned sufficiently, but the addition of crispy cubes of deep fried pork lard made this dish a delectable indulgence.

Despite these pairings coming slightly out of left field, the cracking Cavolo brought out the best of both dishes, and added a touch of luxury to both.⠀

Thank you for the warm hospitality, @newubinseafood!

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