First visited this place 6 years back, until today it always have very long queue. it’s located at the 2nd floor of Hua Shan Market and once you exit the mrt station, you will see people rushing to the queue. The queue starts from the entrance, to the double flight of stairs and to the food court. Only Fu Hang Soya bean have queue, the other stalls are usually quiet. Also, Fu Hang closes at 12.30pm. I have been there at 7am and the queue was super long too lol so no difference in what time you go.
If you are dining there, their soy milk comes in big bowl where you use spoon to drink it super shiok. Another signature drink is their salted soy milk, very unique savoury taste that sg doesn’t have. I also love their egg crepe with You tiao. The crepe is thin and chewy, they also have Flat bread version which can get very dry as you eat as it thick and filling.
This place is definitely a place to go for breakfast and will not break your bank. Even locals love Fu Hang. Must visit. i wouldn’t say their You tiao or Soy milk is extraordinary but a good experience to eat like the locals ❤️ #jxeatstravel