📍Anju, Tanjong Pagar📍
💸 Domi Carpaccio: $24
💸 Yuk Hoe: $28
💸 Hogam Jeon: $25
💸 Bossam: $50
💸 Cameo Makgeoli: $32
Having heard a lot about the interesting selection of Korean alcohol at Anju, we finally paid a visit ourselves☺️! Got the Cameo Makgeoli which was slightly milky with hints of hazelnuts🌰 and dark caramel, and we absolutely loved it! However, we were slightly disappointed by the food. Contrary to our expectations, the Hogam Jeon tasted more like a cracker instead of a pancake and was pretty dry😕, and the Yuk Hoe🐮 was spicy unlike the traditional ones. We did like the Domi Carpaccio and Bossam though. However, given its slightly steep prices😰, we probably would not return. If you love Korean alcohol and love to try new selections, give this place a shot🍻!