Sesame Waffle

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Freshly made Waffles and Cones are available or you can try their handcrafted Hot and Cold drinks instead if you’re not in the mood for ice cream. New ice cream flavours are available weekly. .

We tried the Plain Waffle with Blue Vanilla Chip and the very refreshing Lychee Raspberry, the waffle was crispy on the outside yet soft on the inside. I like that the ice cream flavours are distinct without being overpowering. Sesame Waffle with Pistachio Nut and Salted Caramel Ice Cream were a perfect combination for it’s nutty flavour. This is definitely not your average waffle flavour. .

My all-time favourite Affogato-Espresso ($8) @ocd_cafe Signature Africa 85% Dark Chocolate Ice Cream with a shot of espresso was a great treat for coffee lovers like me. One of the best dark chocolate ice cream I have ever tasted in Singapore. It has a velvety smooth texture without a bitter aftertaste. @ocd_cafe had perfected the combination of these two. Super love this.

Ended our sweet treats with their elegant and high quality French teas by Kusmi ($5/pot). This is one ice cream place I will never get tired of visiting.

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Chocoholics will love OCD for the extensive range of chocolate gelatos: Madagascar 33% Milk, Ecuador 40% Milk, Belgium Dark 60%, Brazil 72% Dark, Africa 85% Dark.

Pictured the sesame waffle with a scoop of africa 85% dark. The africa dark has a consistent creamy texture and is not overly sweet. Goes well with the sesame waffle that has a crispy toasted exterior and soft airy sesame insides.

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33% milk chocolate and 85% dark chocolate with sesame waffle - it’s the bomb! I was totally drunk with the dark chocolate ice cream, so dark so chocolate-ly! The milk chocolate ice cream was perfect, not too sweet or bitter, well-balanced. I am not a fan of sesame but this sesame waffle was too good, crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside. The smell and the taste of the sesame was just nice too.

Waffles is true to its name as it have strong sesame taste but it crumbles easily. Lychee ice cream with lychee bits is a nice touch. Was having a difficult time to choose which ice cream to pair with the waffles.

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Obsessive Chocolat Desire (OCD) did their waffles really well. The waffles had a firm crust and a soft interior. Tried the sesame waffle ($4) and It was love at first bite!! The taste of sesame could be felt in every bite. Paired the waffles with a scoop of their 85% dark chocolate ice cream and it was really a good combination. Will definitely come back again to try their hot chocolate🔥⭐️

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From Obsessive Chocolat Desire, which had since taken over the former premises of the now-defunct branch of Twenty Grammes at Blk 529 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 10. The concept reminds us of The Dark Gallery, serving up chocolate-based desserts as a focus featuring chocolate from different origins.

While the waffle wafts of buttermilk fragrance and is plush and crisp at the same time, the Sesame provides more of a visual effect for aesthetics rather than carrying a distinct flavour for the waffles. The focus here is no doubt on the two scoops of ice-cream; both being rich without being jelak nor heaty, the Ecuador carries more sweetness (though still being pretty balanced) , whilst being smooth and creamy from the inclusion of milk. In retrospect, the Belgium would hit those who love their dark chocolate; a distinct note of bittersweet that is absolutely elegant and intense — pretty indulgent. Thought the drizzling of strawberry sauce on the side to be a little redundant; somewhat ruins the chocolate-y mix of flavours — perhaps could be improved if replaced by maple syrup. Non-chooclate loving folks would also be glad that they do serve other flavours as well, though I would probably stick to the chocolate-based ones; after all, that seems to be their focus given the shop's name.