Awesome Silky Egg Hor Fun

$7.80 Ā· 3 Reviews

Situated in Kam Leng Hotel along Jalan Besar, this modern Chinese restobar shakes up old-school zi char with its innovative spin. We recommend giving the Awesome Silky Egg Hor Fun (from $7.80) a go. The rice noodles are deep-fried before getting tossed with gravy, resulting in an interestingly silky yet crunchy texture. For something to share over happy hour Draft Beer (from $10 a pint), get Chef Jā€™s BBQ Pork ($14.80) for sweet, smoky pork jowl slices to munch on.
Photo by Burppler Muriel AvdH

Hor fun is deep-fried to resemble pork crackling, before it gets tossed into the wok with the sauce. The result is an interesting bite, and wok hei still comes through as hor fun gets steeped in that sweet, silky sauce.


Go for this if you want to try something new. Blanched then fried rice noodles mixed into the gravy result in a very interesting texture: smooth on the outside but with a soft crunch as you bite. Topped with perky prawns, bouncy shiitake mushrooms and tender pork slices, this was a very satisfying bowl.

The set comes with sous vide egg with truffle oil (and salt); though felt that this would have paired better without the truffle.