Pitan Tofu

$6.00 · 4 Reviews

Happen to walk by and noticed an ongoing 1-1 Omakase 6 course meal, with promotion running until the end of the year! Pleasantly surprised by the quality of the food, for $100.

Especially enjoyed the recommendation of chef’s special, Kani Tofu covered with Pidan sauce. Added a tinge of fusion Chinese to the otherwise Japanese dish.

Sashimi consisted of very fresh salmon, prawn, yellowtail and red snapper.

My personal favourite was the mentaiko prawn which was big and favourful.

Service was great, and environment was clean and delightful.
My girlfriend and I had an enjoyable meal, albeit impromptu. Kuddos to Kyoaji, for the pre-lockdown meal. Definitely something worth remembering, till restaurants open again in august.

Pretty value for money Chicken teriyaki set lunch at this pretty authentic Japanese restaurant .

The homemade crabmeat Pidan tofu was one of the best versions I have tried .

A nice place for gatherings and catch up with friends :)

The best rendition of chilled pitan toufu I have ever had.

Perfect for this weather.

The pidan sauce is authentic and the toufu is so evidently homemade from its sightly denser but very enjoyable texture - since this holds the crab meat within well !

Amazing flavours .


Yes, a pitan tofu dish. This is part of the teriyaki chicken lunch set and it costs $6 if you order it ala-carte.

This is 80% of the reason why I have been heading back to kyoaji. The pitan is mashed up and mixed with the tofu with bits of Kani gems. Doesn’t taste like any other pitan tofu I’ve ever eaten. This is so special to my heart ♥️