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One of my favorites at Grain Traders. It comes with tuna tataki, soba, mushroom, pickled cucumbers & slaw.

The wasabi sauce really complements the dish too.

That said, the price is a little steep for lunch in CBD.

Expect a consistently jaw-dropping spread — roasted sweet potatoes, crispy chickpeas and miso mushrooms. Load up with the default Mawashi ($17.50) with cold soba and tuna tataki for a balanced, guilt-free bowl.
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The beef was cooked nicely and well seasoned/marinated, albeit not cooked medium pink like the stock pictures. The brown rice, veggies and dressing were a good combination the beef. As much as I enjoyed eating this, the Mawashi (Tuna Tataki) from Grain Traders still overshadows this. But I'll definitely try this again, especially to get that medium pink beef, maybe it'll be better then! 😋

Rating: 4/5

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Great meal. The tuna tataki was really nice, so were the veggie sides & soba noodles. Would like to try this again! Disclaimer: Ordered this through MealPal.

Rating: 4.5/5

Had Mawashi ($17.5) for takeaway and enjoyed the tuna tataki and the tossed soba noodle a lot. All the ingredients (wild mushroom, green papaya coleslaw and cucumber) are fresh and seasoned well. May not be a place I visit frequently due to the price but definitely worth trying.

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Tried three out of the four new Hero Bowls from Grain Traders’ refreshed menu. My favourite proteins (tuna tataki and pulled pork) are still around (starring in the Mawashi and Señor Hombro bowls respectively) and are still as good as before, with new side-kicks this time. The beef parrillada (flank seared on a parrilla, an Argentinean grill) in the Down Under bowl had a pleasant bite; I also liked the cauliflower pickle with curry leaves in that bowl.

As always, all the elements were seasoned well enough on their own and there was no need for the accompanying sauces for me (except the feta beetroot that enhanced the Señor Hombro bowl).


Grain Traders has got fresh new offerings on their menu! Pick what you want or choose from their new Hero Bowls like the Mawashi; seared tuna, cold soba, sautéed mushrooms and pickled slaw made for a great light lunch that won’t leave you with a food coma.


New hero bowls w new components introduced at Grain Traders! I thoroughly enjoyed everything in this bowl. All the components came tgr to compliment & balance one another. I'm a noodle-over-rice kind of person so the cold soba noodles in this totally won me over. Tuna was cooked perfectly — tender & pink. Sautéed mushrooms were smokey. I love the side of pickled cucumbers & slaw that lifted the whole dish, making it really refreshing & not too heavy (no food coma aft that) 👍🏻 Definitely my fav outta the 4 hero bowl selections offered at GT! 🌾