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Laksa Steamboat Buffet

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Located along a row of shophouses off Upper Serangoon Road, this one's perfect for when you're craving hearty laksa after a long day. The Laksa Steamboat Buffet ($21.80 weekday lunch, $26.80 weekend lunch and daily dinner) includes a decent selection of ingredients; do keep an eye out for their super fresh prawns and fish slices! Add on soup bases for an additional $4 and drinks as well as ice cream for $1.
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This buffet-styled restaurant has perfected the art of offering affordable yet delicious food to the masses, with a wide selection of sliced meats, seafood, processed food, vegetables, sauces, drinks and ice-cream starting from just $21.80++/adult for a weekday lunch, and $26.80++/adult for weekday dinners, weekends, eve of public holidays and public holidays. The dining duration is limited to 120 minutes (2 hours) which is more than adequate of a duration to eat till you burst to the seams.

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Located along a row of shophouses just off the busy street of Upper Serangoon Road, this humble little steamboat restaurant is run by a happily married couple who takes pride and joy in representing one of Singapore's favorite local dishes in the steamboat scene.

This restaurant manages to stand out from the hundreds of other steamboat buffets for its premium laksa soup base prepared fresh from scratch in-house everyday with a multitude of quality ingredients.

Steamboat restaurants are a dime a dozen in Singapore, with many offering the usual suspects of soup bases like chicken, mala, tomato and etc. However, local flavored soup bases for steamboat buffets are surprisingly scarce in Singapore, perhaps due to the intricacy and time-consuming process of the recipes. One steamboat restaurant though – King's Laksa Steamboat – has gone the extra mile in boiling up a delectable laksa soup base that hits all the right notes and takes painstaking hours of preparation while simultaneously keeping its buffet prices at an all-time low and stocking quality ingredients.

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Part of finger food at @kings_laksa .
It is only fried upon order, so you get it pipping hot everytime. The prawn paste marinate absorbs into the flesh, on top of the crispy skin. It is so good, we order this dish a couple of times.
If this dish is only a supporting act, you can look forward to uniquely delicious laksa base steamboat. Yum yum yum.
King's Laksa Steamboat Buffet
17 Teck Chye Terrace. S545724.
Thank you @ivan_teh_runningman for the invite. @rain498 @jellymagically in sharing the fats.
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Head to this Serangoon establishment (a short stroll from NEX) for steamboat with a twist. By that, we mean the laksa broth, which is fragrant and full on flavour, yet light enough to slurp on right till the end. The Laksa Steamboat Buffet ($21.80 weekday lunch, $26.80 for weekend lunch and daily dinner) is great value, and the price includes two soup bases β€” the laksa is a no brainer; pick something mild like the chicken soup for your second to counter the richness. The standard selection of ingredients are decently fresh; keep an eye out for the super fresh prawns and fish slices. The buffet also includes cooked food, free flow drinks and ice cream β€” don't miss the tasty, fried-to-order chicken wings.
Avg price: $25
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The cooked food portion served wonderfully crispy fried chicken wings, luncheon meat & mantou. Buffet spread offered the standard variety of meat, seafood, veg & mushroom. The place was rather tight and too narrow to move around. Especially the buffet & sauce area. Tables were closely placed & the bulky chairs were not helping. Overall not a pleasant dining environment. Most likely will not be a revisit place for me πŸ˜…



A short walk from NEX in Serangoon, King's Laksa is a good option for a no-frills date night or a simple gathering with a group of friends. Of course, you must opt for the laksa soup base, and choose another from options like seafood or mala. The laksa broth is full of flavour yet light enough for you to sip on right to the very end. The Laksa Steamboat Buffet ($18.80 for weekday lunch, $23.80 for weekday dinner, weekend lunch and dinner) also includes cooked food and desserts aside from the standard meat, seafood and vegetable options β€” don't miss their chicken wings that are fried to order! While the sliced meats are your average fare, come for their super fresh prawns that they get from Jurong Fishery Port every other day. We also enjoyed the friendly and attentive service very much. Pro tip: Don't discard the prawn heads after eating the prawn β€” throw them back in the broth to sweeten it!
Avg Price: $25 per person
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Laksa Steamboat Buffet ($23.80+)

This King's Laksa Steamboat has been around for years but they had a change in management just 2 months ago! Service now is great as the current owner had the entire service team rehired and trained after the previous less than desirable feedback.

We ordered the Laksa and Seafood soup bases. Overall, the Laksa soup base was rich and tasty and I really enjoyed that. I was slurping the laksa throughout the mealπŸ‘πŸΌ! On the other hand, the seafood soup would have been more aptly named seaweed soup. It was only much tastier after we added more seafood to the soup.

Overall, food here was hit and miss. I would strongly recommend ordering multiples of their fresh prawnsπŸ™ŒπŸΌ! The owner specially buys them live from Jurong Fishery Port every few days to ensure freshness! The fried chicken wings were also super yums! It is deep fried only upon ordering and definitely tasted like shrimp paste chicken to me!