House Special Laksa Goreng

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We tried a few savoury dishes here from the set lunch options but only this stood out. It's exactly how you would imagine it to be: an intense gravy jam-packed with flavours from the rempah. Very shiok!


Rather than a stir-fry, this laksa just had its gravy concentrated to a thick sauce. That just meant more intense flavors, which I totally loved. I also liked the addition of a lime to stimulate my appetite. Lots of liao inside, and I counted 4 fresh prawns. I almost licked the bowl.

House Special Laksa Goreng - The rice vermicelli was stir fried with thick and rich laksa gravy, and served with prawns, tau pok and egg. The laksa is flavoured with coconut milk, dried shrimps and peanuts, similar to satay bee hoon sauce.

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They ain't playing with this dish. I tried to find some flaw but the only one I could think of was that I would prefer meatier white flesh prawns that soak up the sauce better compared to the crunchy ones here. The sauce was perfect in every sense of the word, lemakness, spice, even consistency because its thin enough you won't forget you're having laksa(unlike a dry coating), but it's thick enough to cling onto the noodles well. Well spiciness is up to the individuals preference, but there's a noticeable heat without overpowering the flavour of the dish, so I'm content with that. Safe to say I licked up every last drop :D


Previously housed in The Ardennes Hotel, this Peranakan restaurant has found a new home along Tan Quee Lan Street. The walls are covered with newspaper clippings of Peranakan Flavours's famed dish โ€” Bakwan Kepiting ($10), a minced meatball and crabmeat soup, and the space is big enough to accommodate large groups, making this place ideal for company lunches or family dinners. Swing by with your colleagues during lunch for their value-for-money sets. Prices start from $8.80 for Nonya Curry Chicken and Babi Pongtey (stewed pork with fermented soy bean), and $10.80 for dishes like Chicken Buah Keluak and Assam Pedas Fish. Each set meal comes with a choice of rice (with pickles and curry vegetables on the side), noodles or bread. The Burpple community loves the House Special Laksa Goreng ($15) โ€” a dry version of the iconic dish that features "noodles that are coated with thick rempah that packs a spicy umami punch", according to Burppler Weekendeatwhat. Don't leave without sharing a bowl of their house made Pulot Hitam ($5); it's thick, not overly sweet and just the way we like it.
Avg Price: $15 per person
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The flavours of the spices balanced well with the coconut milk, being rich in taste even when the noodles were tossed together with the tau pok, prawns and egg!

Aside from their affordable lunch sets, you can get this a la carte. This is goooooood super lemak and creamy, no laksa soupiness here. $15 is expensive but they make up for it with the ingredients and great flavour


The noodles are coated with thick rempah that packs a spicy umami punch. Loved the interesting twist to the texture of the usual soup laksa.

From Peranakan Flavours which had recently reopened at Tan Quee Lan Street; apart from communal dishes on their ala-carte menu, they do serve up a set lunch menu where dishes are served up in individual portions with rice, bread or noodles โ€” the set lunch is priced pretty affordable at prices below $10 so it would fit the office crowds here.

I had many dry Laksa variants but this has to be my favourite one of the lot for now; the Laksa base was creamy with the aroma of the rempah spices โ€” so ever lemak and it laces around the slurpy noodles which makes this dish so appetizing it's almost impossible to stop. It also comes with quite a good portion of condiments, such as those plump and fresh shrimp as well as egg. As this comes from the ala-carte menu, the portions are slightly bigger than for one (probably works best to share with another friend), but I definitely found no problems finishing this at all.

Tastes like a dreamy crossover between laksa and Hokkien Mee with its rich, thick laksa gravy and darn good wok hei. 3.8/5