Matcha Soft Serve

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There’s Shopback deal for $5.50 (U.P $6) and I added Warabi Mochi. Soft serve was a bit on the icy side but matcha taste was strong. Overall, worth for the price paid.

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We have heard many raving about the quality of the matcha-based desserts at Matchaya and we decided to pay the shop a visit as we were waiting for our movie at The Cathay! We went for the simplest option - their uji matcha soft serve ice cream for $6! Just from the slightly dark green colour of the ice cream, you would be able to tell that the taste of matcha is likely to be pretty intense! Indeed, the ice cream certainly packs a strong matcha punch and it's more bitter rather than sweet. We love the ice cream as we are fans of matcha but for those of you who are not, you may want to try their other flavours such as their hojicha ice cream instead!

The shop is pretty small so do be prepared to queue if you would like a table during peak hours (especially on weekends). Otherwise, you can be like us and take away your ice cream, and savour it as you roam around The Cathay!

Extremely smooth, robust umami-ness matcha soft serve!

Matchaya did it again!
How is this extremely smooth, robust umami-ness matcha soft serve only for a limited time? Make it permanent please!!

Around $8 for each cup but the matcha taste was quite strong. Worth to share and try but it’s a little pricey in my opinion. The seats there are quite limited as well.

Matcha soft serve. Bittersweet matcha taste which I enjoyed together with the azuki beans, it was a perfect combination.
Houjicha soft serve. This is the flavor that started it all when they first started their little hole-in-the-wall store. Definitely one of the best hojicha soft serve I’ve tasted.
Kurogama soft serve. Black sesame was fragrant and had the nutty taste. This tasted a lot like black sesame paste.
The matcha cookie was super good and definitely enjoyed it.

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Nice matcha soft serve in a cone.

$5.9. Good stuff if you love matcha :-)

6.90 for the perfect post lunch treat when it's a rough week ahead. Love the mixed hokkaido milk n matcha combo as I find the matcha too heavy for me in a full portion, instead the hokkaido milk gives it a nice balance of sweet n bitter. Hokkaido milk on its own is not bad too but its just better together with the matcha.

We ordered 2 parfaits (matcha and sesame) since it’s 1-for-1 on Burpple Beyond. All of us prefer the classic matcha flavour better. The parfaits came with toppings including chewy mochi and toasted rice puffs. The only complaint is that the store does not have many seats so you might have to stand around. Ratings - Taste: 4/5; Price: 4/5