Foie Gras Brulee

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Whipped foie gras with shaved truffles served with an endive pear salad

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served with Lychee Puree, Olive, and Rose.

Truly appreciate the cook on the foie gras since they did justice to the generous portion they serve, and it's well worth the money - beautiful sear and a bold caramelised colour on the outside while keeping the inside true to the buttery, lustrous texture usually associated to foie gras.
The tartness of the lychee puree offered the dish a refreshing and sweet note that is much needed with the generous portion of foie gras on this dish. (Albeit, thinking the amount of puree on our plate was a lot more than what we needed since there was also some slices of lychee fruit.)
The slices of lychee fruit also had some olive slices that introduced a complex saltiness to the dish that also helped cut through the richness of the fatty foie gras. The crispy toast slice was also a nice touch for adding a different texture to the dish that's filled with smooth richness coming from the other components.

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strawberry-rhubarb jam, almond

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In contrast to the tuna, the foie gras brulee was on the rich and creamy side. It came with a smooth foie gras pate atop a thin layer of bread, topped with sour cherry, pistachio and white port gelee. I loved the richness of the pate as it melts on my tongue, while the nutty pistachio and tangy white port gelee comes in to balance it out perfectly.


For me, the most interesting dish of the night was the foie gras. And it also happens to be the one I liked best.
Not only was the goose liver of a good size but it was beautifully cooked. What fascinated me though was the pairing of it with lychees and black olives. The sweet and salty mix was surprising and brilliant. There's also a rose element which I suspect, was what the pile of silky "powder" was. The scent must have been faint but that didn't detract one bit from my enjoyment.
Even the slender piece of toast placed alongside the foie gras played an important role: using its neutrality to bring all the stronger-tasting components together.
This is a must-try in my opinion.