Thai Lemon Steamed Fish

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At lunch time, this place is absolutely packed. Told you guys in IG story that we gonna be here to check it out! Here we are! We tried a few dishes and we notice that....
✌️Thai lemon Steam Fish $18.30 might be the most $$ and we expect lots of lemon flavor to come through. However, we feel the lemon soup tastes a bit sweet and not as fresh as our liking.

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A longtime favourite among Thai food fans, Ah Loy Thai draws the crowds for both its flavourful cooking as well as reasonable prices. They have moved from their Shaw Towers home to a bigger space along Tan Quee Lan Street, making it great for value-conscious group gatherings. The dishes here are pretty much bang on in terms of taste, so it's hard to go wrong. Some of our favourites include the Thai Lemon Steamed Fish ($17), bathed in a spicy and zesty sauce perfect for drenching rice in, the Tom Yum Goong ($8.90) that's thick and just the right amount of spice and tang, and the tender and crisp Garlic Pork ($9.40) that'd help douse the fiery flames. Good old Thai Iced Tea ($2.50) will help too.
Pro tip: They only accept cash, so make sure you stop by the ATM first!
Avg Price: $10 per person
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It seems like their portions have decreased, especially for their soup! Feel like this place is not as worth it anymore. These dishes + 2 rice +1 drink amounted to $32!! This egg omelette w minced meat was super oily too w no trace of minced meat haha. However we will come back one last time to try the steamed fish. #ahloythai #burpple


Bugis-goers have long been making the pilgrimage down to Shaw Towers for a taste of Ah Loy Thai's excellent dishes. The restaurant has since shifted into its newer and bigger digs along Tan Quee Lan Street, making this a top choice for a large group gathering. Here, the Thai Lemon Steamed Fish ($17) is a dish worthy of acclaim. In Burpple Tastemaker ni eat's words, the Thai Lemon Steamed Fish lemon sauce "gives you a bam of sourness but in a soothingly shiok way". It's spicy, zesty and sweet — the kind you'd want to drizzle over your rice, or slurp up like soup. You'd want to load your table with other Thai dishes too, like the tender and crisp Garlic Pork ($9.40) and Tom Yum Goong ($8.90 for seafood). The latter has a perfect blend of spicy and sour that spice-loving Singaporeans will enjoy. Quash the heat with a cup of refreshing Thai iced tea ($2.50).
Avg Price: $10 per person
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expensive eating in town? Not true! round a gang of 8 like us and have a thai-rrific time at the popular ah loy now over at tan quee lan. 6 dishes including an exciting sour, spicy, garlicky $17 thai styled steamed fish dish all for $10 bucks. decent thai eats but still, 10 bucks is like 也 "thai" 便宜了啦!!! just @burpple doing what burpple does best, curating guides for you and me. Stay tuned while the #burppletastemakers head out to find out the best in bugis! #BurppleBestbugis


If you're in a group, this is what you need to order if you're at Ah Loy! 👆Besides a tender, soft fish and delightfully tangy yet savoury broth, was pleasantly surprised by the generous amount of glass noodles included!



Our first stop for dinner was at Ah Loy Thai which has since shifted from Shaw Towers. With firm sweet flesh, the Thai lemon steamed fish ($17) was drenched in an appetizing tangy broth; and garlic pork ($9.40) was the unanimous favourite! Also had fried glass noodles ($8.40), basil pork ($7.90), pandan chicken ($10.50) sadly wasn't as fragrant as I'd have expected; and tomyum seafood soup ($8.90) that packed quite a fiery punch with my poor tolerance for spiciness. Decent portion and quality of Thai food - pretty filling meal that cost us about $10 each. #burpple #BurppleBestBugis


One of the best Thai Restaurants in Singapore, I would say. Pandan chicken $10, Tom Yum soup $8.90, Calamari $8+, Steamed Fish $15+. Price is reasonable (ranges from $6-$18 per dish) and quite convenient for most people. Would recommend most of the dishes to everyone except the green curry , or just not for me. Thai ice tea is for $2.4. But do mind the service here is very slow especially dinner time. Rating: 4.5/5