Alba Romana Pizza

$20.00 ยท 2 Reviews

The UK's famed Pizza Express has finally arrived on our shores. Set in the basement of Scotts Square, this casual chic spot specialises in โ€” you got it, pizza โ€” using dough that is made fresh in-house. To avoid filling up too soon, go for the Romana pizzas, which sport thinner, crispier crusts. The Alba ($20) is a tasty one topped with Calabria-styled sausage, ricotta, fennel seeds, Grada Padano, passata and mozzarella; while the Giardiniera ($18) is a vegetarian option topped with hearty veggies including asparagus, butternut squash and roasted peppers. The menu also includes pastas, but the Burpple community hasn't been very impressed with those, so we suggest sticking to the tried-and-tested pizzas first!
Avg Price: $20 per person
Picture by Burppler Bryan Lee

Calabria-style sausage, ricotta, fennel seeds, Grana Padang, pasta and mozzarella. Finished with parsley.

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