Skinful Chicken

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Bliss Restaurant is not just another Western restaurant. It's an encapsulation of what a social enterprise in Singapore ought to be โ€” providing employment opportunities to all without discrimination, donating groceries to the needy through Aljunied GRC and even reducing its own carbon footprint by using biodegradable disposal corn ware for catering services, all while dishing out tasty and very cost efficient food. Located within the grounds of Cheng San Community Club, Bliss Restaurant serves a variety of Western grub mostly under $20 โ€” perfect for cash-strapped days! Start with the Skinful Chicken ($6) โ€” thin slices of crackly, crispy chicken skin that you won't be able to stop snacking on once you start popping them into your mouth. For mains, order the crowd favourite Smoked Duck Aglio Olio ($14) and the Gratin Sirloin Steak ($17) โ€” the latter comes with baby potatoes on the side and a slice of gooey, melted cheddar cheese blanketing the meat.
Avg price: $20 per person
Photo by Burpple Tastemaker Wei Zhi Chiang

Heng that this bowl of addictive fried chicken skins was placed slightly further away from me or else I would have snatched it and kept it all for myself HAHAHA. One of the signature finger foods here in Bliss Restaurant, these crispy thin chicken skins were not just well seasoned but fried perfectly. If only this could be kept in bottles as snacks, I'll take them all!

Bliss Restaurant, 1 of the 8 partners for #FestivalForGood's #DineForGood, has its business centered around inclusivity and empowerment through providing employment opportunities for all individuals without discrimination.

Your support to these social enterprises goes a long way and means a lot to them. Be #partofthegood simply by dining in! In the month of August at Bliss Restaurant & Cafe (in Cheng San Ang Mo Kio), spoil yourself with a complimentary glass of wine with any steak purchase. Also, enjoy a 50% discount off all beverages when you dine at their SGH outlet, Academia. Download the dining coupons and find more details of the festival at!

Chicken skin crackling pairs well with a pint of ice cold beer. Though the food might need some work, the prices are very affordable (no service charge) and the bistro boasts a relaxed ambience to chill out with peers or loved ones.

If you like dining in the dark, the alfresco area will be a good option. However, I think that increasing the brightness will be preferred, as I still need to take pictures.