Duck Noodle (#01-13, Kwee Heng)

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This came with a bowl of duck herbal soup that wasn’t captured in the photo. The thin springy noodles were slathered with duck sauce, and the chili was the highlight of the meal. The duck meat was just right, succulent and had a gamey bite.

I love hawker food, for the value and quality of the meal with its price tag.

It’s a pretty heavy meal even though it’s an healthier option.

To be incredibly honest, I've had far more experiences with duck rice than duck noodles but I thought that this soup was really comforting on a cool, rainy evening, though a tad too sweet. Loved the crunch from the generous amount of beansprouts and thought that they could have been equally generous with their meat but for $4, I'm not complaining. Oh another huge plus point was that they serve two kinds of chilli! Not outstanding chilli, but definitely packed heat which is always a win for me.


This is from kwee heng stall. The soup is marvellous. Very herbally taste which is good. The duck meat is tender and well roasted. I ordered the bigger bowl. Which is $5. Smaller portion is $4. Recommended.

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