Butter Crayfish

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With so many restaurants and cafes around, the Singaporean spirit in us led us to the most crowded eatery in the area. Occupying a few units on level 1, Nan Hwa also has an air-conditioned area on level 2.

Depending on the texture and taste of the fish, we get to choose the type of fish we want. The menu provides brief description of the fish types (Chinese pomfret, red snapper and red grouper) and our preference was red grouper for its firm and smooth succulent meat.

The fish soup was filled with the natural sweetness of fresh fish. Besides chunky fish meat, there were greens, cabbage and cubes of yam in the fishboat. Soup refills are free and it was kept close to boiling because of the scorching red hot charcoal! 👍

We got ourselves Butter Crayfish and it was a delish! The buttery cooking method made the chunky and succulent crayfish extra moist, sweet and smooth. 😍