Fish Head Steamboat

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Fish was tender and chunky. We ordered the small portion and it was of a reasonable amount. Soup was quite fragrant. They were mostly generous with the vegetables (but the cabbage). Not too bad, worth a try if you like fish head steamboats :)

We went on a Thursday night at about 8pm and managed to get a seat for three. Do note that the menu is entirely in Chinese.

Flavoured with yam, lettuce and spinach for sweetness, the soup is boiled with charcoal and was brimming with chunks of fresh fish!
Although I'm not a huge fan of fish, this steamboat appealed much to me with its flavourful broth and fresh meat!

We also ordered the prawn omelette, hong shao tofu, pork rib, and our ultimate favourite - crispy fried chicken 😍 It was fingerlicking good and left us craving for more!

Although the place was packed with people and it was a crammed dining spot, the quality of the food totally won us over and we left the place with satisfied bellies 😍

The ANTicipated scale ⚖
👅Flavour: 9.5 ants
💰Value: 8 ants
📍Convenience: 7 ants

We came as 3 pax and auntie recommended a medium sized pot (said a small one feeds 2). Don’t come here for the service. The soup is much flavoured with long boiling of what tastes like hei-bi (dried shrimps) and maybe bones [edit: internet says they used Chicken Feet for its broth] I’d prefer if the fish isn’t deep-fried though... [edit: they fry fish head, so if you want white meat make sure you let them know!] Not sure, but I felt somewhat thirsty after the steamboat...


Good mix of fish head (pomfret), yam! and lots of veggie mix (cabbage and spinach). However the bony fish head is not to my liking. The soup was also on the saltier end, though I must say it is a comforting taste. The best part of this meal is the crisp ngoh hiang not in picture. Paired with either the sour plum or lime chilli sauce, it is a rewarding treat that completes the meal. ($30 for 4)

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Have been visiting this place with my family since I was young👧🏻 The soup derives its sweetness from the pomfret, seaweed, yam, vegetables and flat fish simmering in the steamboat. The kang kong and ngoh hiang are just as good and are definitely stars of the show in their own rights👏🏻


No wonder the roadside coffeeshop was bustling w customers even with its inaccessible location. Not to mention that additional serving of fish was just +$12 and they also provide you with yam, vege, soup etc looking just like the original steamboat portion so its super worth to order the additional serving!! The side dishes were also yummy and cheap😝 Service wise not the best, but the quality and price of the food makes up for it🙃
• Pomfret - small ($25)
• Extra Pomfret Serving (+$12)
• Coffee Pork Ribs - small Prawn ($10)
• Minced Meat Beancurd - small ($7)
• Rice ($0.50)


You know you’re in for a treat when your food comes messy in its most natural state with no time for any plating. We had the Red Grouper Fish Head Steamboat ($22 for small) that is good for 2-3 people and we chose to have the fish meat (no fish bones yay!) without the fish head parts. Soup refill is available self service from the kitchen area! The meaty and thick slices of fish were very fresh and especially appetizing when dipped in the garlic-ky white vinegar sauce as it was tangy. The steamboat is served with a myriad of zichar dishes and you cannot miss out on the Tofu Prawns ($13 for small) with egg tofu, large prawns drenched in an almost-like-chilli-crab sweet, sour and spicy sauce. We also had the Sambal Sweet Potato Leaves ($6 for small) which unfortunately had too little sambal.


Tian Wai Tian Fish Head Steamboat is one of the popular fishhead steamboat in Singapore. You can choose red grouper or promfret steamboat. Dip the fish slices into the garlic chilli sauce and YUMZ! The soup is coupled with yam and lettuce and is refillable. The coffee pork ribs is a Must Order! The sauce is very tasty and the coffee taste is not overwhelming. The pork ribs are very tender too. Every table seems to order the Har Cheong Kai. Will give it a try the next round.