Sate Ayam Madura

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Their rendang is cooked for four hours. I found it good but nothing special. The satay left a better impression this time.

The one item an Indonesian joint must get right and they didn't. The sauce, shallot and crushed peanut were nice, but the meat was kinda dry and tough.

Throwback to a massive internal tasting I had last week at IndoChili (I had all this AND MORE), which, in my opinion, serves up some of the most scrumptious Indonesian and Peranakan delights ever.

I loved practically everything, although my standout faves had to be the curry chicken; amazingly tender leg of meat imbued with a lovely fusion of coconut milk and Indonesian spices, the beef rendang; the meat is slow-cooked for 4-6 hours so it breaks down into this pulled texture that's so toothsome and easy to eat, and the tahu telor; blocks of tofu and eggs are thrown into bubbling hot oil and shallow-fried together until they turn into this mess of crispy, golden-brown goodness, and served with keropok and a piquant chilli-peanut-kecap manis sauce.

But the one dish that really stole my heart was the chicken satay, where skewers of chicken are grilled over charcoal until smoky and lightly charred, drizzled with kecap manis, and plated with the most incredibly delicious peanut sauce I've ever tasted – the gooey, chunky concoction is made from scratch and consists of "peanut jam" and crunchy chopped peanuts. You HAVE to try this!

Everything pictured here will be available at Palette at Capitol Piazza, opening mid-June!

Dinner at Indo Chilli, Zion Road. Here's their Sate Ayam Madura!

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