Sticky Date Pudding

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The toffee is on the sweeter side, so you probably will not want to finish it all. Combine the cake with some ice cream, and add a drizzle of toffee on top, and it will definitely be one of the best ways to end off your meal at PS Cafe!

PS cafe’s sticky date pudding is still hands down one of my favourite desserts after all these years. At $16++ a pop, it is absolutely worth every cent of my hard earned money. The warm and fluffy steamed pudding, topped with a scoop of frosty vanilla ice cream and slathered with a decadent toffee sauce that had a slightly torched burnt caramel flavour, was a party in my mouth that sent me straight to pudding heaven.

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Probably one of my fav places be it for brunch/lunch/dinner, and this time I went for the Sticky Date Pudding (~$16) instead of my usual cake🍰
Pudding had a banana cake texture, crumbly, moist and soft! Sauce was strongly toffee flavoured and really sweet, so you might wna go easy on that 😋
For maximum satisfaction, I’d suggest waiting till the vanilla bean ice cream is half melted into the pudding before getting a bite of the icecream- pudding- sauce mixture.... heavenly 👌🏻‼️

Ig @goodfomood

The pudding was served warm and amazingly moist, loved the flavor of it too as it wasn’t over sweet, with large date pieces that still remain which had more sweetness without being too sugary.
Toffee sauce was generous but it’s too bitter for my liking. When paired with the sweet vanilla ice cream it was still okay overall, still VERY enjoyable
Recommended if you like sticky date puddings! The pudding damn nice!


Sticky date putting was served warm in a ladleful of toffee sauce, topped with a generous scoop of vanilla ice cream. Toffee sauce was on the sweet side but pairs oh so well with the rich and flavourful cake!

Satisfies any sweet tooth!
There was a beautiful balance between the warm caramel/toffee sauce-drenched cake and the cold vanilla ice cream. Make sure you get some of both in every bite!

First time trying the sticky date pudding and it’s a perfect treat for those who love toffee/caramel! Of course my all-time-favourite would still be the chocolate cake. Having dessert here never disappoints 😋

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I absolutely loved this dessert, and I dare say it’s the best sticky date I’ve had in Singapore yet. It was incredibly moist and warm, and the texture was superb. The sauce was just the right amount of sweetness, and the vanilla bean ice cream paired so well! I’d definitely recommend this. Big enough for sharing as well :-)


Some places sticky date pudding after eating you would naturally feel greasy and don't wanna continue anymore thus sharing is a better option but not for the one at PS cafe... I can just gobble up the whole of it on my own ;) if you love sticky date pudding too... This would be the choice for you... Can't remember the actual price think is about $16... No worries is nothing that pricey and unaffordable...

Comfort and happy food. Warm pudding topping up with ice cream. The warm and the cold, conflict but blends well.