The Wolf

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It was my first time hearing this place called PasarBella which is like a high end hawker centre.

My friend recommended me to have Wolf Burger hence I ordered the Wagyu Beef Burger ($14.90). The beef patty and the sautéed onion are great and the cheese is unique. The cheese is not those thin and only a bit of taste. It is like a thin solid piece.

However, the quality and the price doesn't really match. My friend then told me there is their Wolf Burger ($9.90) which I didn't notice as it is not prominent as much as the Wagyu Beef Burger.

I might try the Wolf Burger next time which is more worth it.

Never got to try the burgers here as I always choose to eat Grillo's instead but I finally managed to divert my attention for once and try out the wolf burger!

The bread was crunchy and the meat tender but overall, it still tasted like a normal cheeseburger I could get elsewhere. But as I continued eating, there was something different from this burger than the other burgers I've had. Ah, it's the cheese! The cheese was actually really good, and the best ingredient in the burger personally. However, an mediocre burger for $9.80 is not really worth it to me so I wouldn't come back often.


Freshly ground secret beef patty, sharp cheddar, sweet onion. 9.90sgd
Finally tried this burger!

The brioche buns are perfect. Is perfect a strong word to express my contentment of dem buns? I ordered the Wolf Burger and wolfed down the burger in no time. I would have preferred the seasoning on the beef patty to be heavier but heck, this is one AWESOME PAWSOME burger! I will be back to try the Shrooms burgers and create more puns.

Wolf's signature burger comprises of juicy minced beef patty topped with melted American cheese and sauteed onions. The soft toasted bun boasts an attractively glossy burnish , which I always like, and is generously lathered with butter. Top up $3(for real?) to add a nicely fried sunny side up egg.

The whole package makes for an immensely satisfying bite, thanks in large part to the quality of the beef. They don't ask you how you'd like your meat done, but it came out nicely.

The side of fries($4) don't play second fiddle either, and are beautifully crisp and airy. Failing to impress is the salted egg mayo($3), which absolutely lacked any hint of its namesake.

Taste: 3.5/5


Skip the fries and go for the burger! This is the Wolf Burger made of beef patty with cheese, sautéed onions, pickles and tomatoes. The juicy patty is the star of the show here, and that made me happily wolfed it down!