Nara Thai Cuisine (ION Orchard)

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Mushroom Salad

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Don't be deceived by these seemingly innocent and harmless bowl of mushrooms. If you are all for that kick of classic Thai fiery spice, this salad made with Julienned oyster mushrooms and brown clamshell mushrooms is the one to go for. The addictive concoction of herbs and garlic chili dressing spurts nicely from the stumpy mushroom stems upon bite. Might be a little too spicy for some but if not, it's a great starter to have to get your appetite going!


At the back we have the {Tom Yum Tiger Prawns} and the unique and spicy {Mushroom Salad}! There are some interesting fusion food too, like the {Seafood and Coconut Otah} in the foreground here. The food here is great for spicy food lovers, but if your tolerance is relatively lower, you can request for the food to be cooked less spicy too!

Funny how I go BKK and eat cafe food, but come back Singapore to eat Thai food lolol ๐Ÿ˜‚

Thanks @narathaisg for hosting us and @sgfoodiary for the invite!