Nunsaram Korean Dessert Cafe (Westgate)

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Injeolmi Bingsu

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Decent solid injeolmi bingsu!! Regular one for $10.90 - perfect size for sharing with another friend aft a meal. Their oreo bingsu is good too and i wna try their strawberry one the next time I go there hehe

❄️ Featuring my favourite bingsu from @nunsaram_cafe - INJEOLMI BINGSU ($13.90). As the saying goes, classic is always the best πŸ† Love the soybean powder, almonds, condensed milk, mini mochi and everything in this black bowl! πŸ€“
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Keep calm and eat bingsu. 🍧🍨
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Their rendition of Injeolmi Bingsu (S$12.90) used to be our fave due to their finely shaved milk and generous chunks of rice cakes. And as we were pretty early, we were glad there wasn't much people as we used to wait 30 mins for this previously.
Though there was no wait, what arrived was a let-down. The shaved milk was coarse ( I think that's faster to make), and the fillings were miserably little. Even the condensed milk looks like a watered down version.

Finally we tried bingsu. Since the craze for Korean bingsu started few months back, we have always wanted to try, but often put off after numerous satisfying Japanese dinners.
Today, we finally decided to try this, despite having Japanese buffet earlier on.
Truth be told, I wasn't quite expecting it to be delicious, I just thought it's no more than an ice-kachang.
But I was wrong and blown away after trying this. For one, this is shaved milk and not shaved ice.
We ordered their signature - Injeolmi Bingsu (SGD12.90) and added a scoop of vanilla ice-cream for SGD1.50.
The shaved milk was soft and finely milled. It came with chewy Korean rice cakes coated with soy bean powder. Came with a small cup of sweetened condensed milk to add to the flavour.
I really love this combination! Yummicious πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹ simple and full of Korean flavour.

🌼Rate: 7.5/10
Not really a fan of sticky rice cake tbh, at first it taste nice but slowly got sick of the taste. Still nice but juz not my type. Feel like eating only sticky rice cake without toast

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It's adequate. Brownies are sickly sweet, it all gets a bit too much. Stick to the pat or injeolmi bingsu.

Finally a place that serves legit korean desserts in the west. Super love the injeolmi bingsu, they were super generous with their toppings!! Shaved ice was soft and fluffy and it wasn't overly sweet! The chocolate toast which they recommended came with a huge mountain of whip cream (I never liked whip cream) and I was kinda turned off by it.... But i gotta be honest, it doesn't taste as bad as I thought it would. The toast was crispy and buttery and a little whip cream actually goes well with it. Tastes like ice cream with toast actually. The Injeolmi toast was da bomb - buttery, crispy, sticky chewy rice cakes and a generous amount of soybean powder. And there's dried cranberries !!! (not too sure if it's me, but I usually don't think there's dried cranberries in Injeolmi toast?) Yummmz. All those for $23.10? There's a 10% opening discount off everything. Super worth it!!! I'll be back 😌😌