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Green Tea Bingsu

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Is it “bingsoo” or “bingsu”? I always get confused 😛

I tried the Matcha Bingsu (Regular $11.90, Large $14.90) at Nunsaram Korean Dessert Cafe. I ordered the Regular, but was a little disappointed because it was much smaller than what I had seen on the pictures of other Burpple reviews (I suppose other Burpplers are not as stingy as me and ordered the Large, lol😅). For $11.90, I think it’s a little not worth it, considering the size.

However, the shaved ice is pretty fine, and I liked that the matcha flavour was quite distinct (there was a second layer of matcha powder hidden beneath, so it’s not all plain ice). The Bingsu was topped with sweet red bean paste, two small chunks of rice cake, and a matcha ice cream (which tasted kind of like cheap green tea ice cream). Overall, it’s a decent bingsu, just not the best.

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To date still one of the best Bingsu places in Singapore and also in my top 3 list! ✌🏻☝🏻Green tea or Injeolmi? Personally I would choose the latter as the green tea flavour here was a tad mild for my liking. Nevertheless, the main highlight afterall is the shaved milk ice that comes with a fluffy, snowflake-alike texture- soft, smooth and refined, like a gush of thin air that melts in the mouth instantly upon contact. Oh and if you have not known, ‘Nunsaram’ actually stands for ‘snowman’ in Korean ⛄️ , which perhaps accounted for the snowflake-alike texture in the bingsu here! ❄️ The green tea bingsu is served with red bean, a scoop of green tea ice cream and dusted generously with green tea powder and almond flakes for an added crunch. Taste of green tea could have been more distinct as the one here leans towards the sweeter, milky profile, not for the hardcore matchaholics. Nevertheless, I still enjoyed it overall as a dessert on its own without acknowledging the fact that this was a green tea flavoured dessert 🤭. The roasted soybean powder in the Injeolmi bingsu came with pleasant and lingering roasted flavour and fragrance, coupled with bits of chewy mochi and crunchy almond nuts and flakes. Somehow this reminded me of Kinako and warabi mochi, but with a tweak into a korean version perhaps? 🤔 As for the Hotteok set, it comes with a scoop vanilla ice cream, dusted with almond flakes and drizzled with chocolate sauce. If you are wondering, hotteok is actually a traditional korean local snack, of pancake made with glutinous rice flour, resulting in a thick, chewy and mochi-alike texture in its batter. Flavour is spiced up with the addition of cinnamon which (fortunately for me) is subtle and mild here. Might get a tad dry after awhile but with the addition of chocolate sauce and vanilla ice cream, this situation could be alleviated. Lastly, the acai berry smoothie that’s made with a blend of acai berry, mixed berries and banana was a thick, refreshing beverage that could have been better if the flavours were more distinct!

The best time to eat bingsu is when there are 1-for-1 offers. No special occasion - except that we've got The Entertainer App! The offers are applicable for regular and large sizes, so isn't it worth it?!

We had regular Injeolmi ($10.90) and Green Tea ($11.90) bingsu with milk. A tad too bad there is no more soya milk, but both tasted great! Nothing to complain when we only paid $10.90 for 2 bingsu. Simply love the chewy rice cakes found inside Injeolmi!


I chose Green Tea Bingsu from Nunsaram.
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Ordered an oreo with matcha icecream this time :) the matcha icecream was very delicious and it costs less than $15 overall i guess😅 worth the money and good for groups !!

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Delicious bingsu.. Must try.. The ice is smooth and well mixed taste with the green tea, red bean, and the almond slide.. Yummy..

Really the best! I was blown away. Didn't expect it to be this nice 😂. Green Tea ice cream is decently nice. The almond nuts with the snow-like ice with green tea flavour(remember to mix properly because the green tea syrup? And the ice aren't mixed together inside) is really fragrant. I didn't even need to drizzle the condensed milk because it taste awesomely good by itself. #burpple #burpplesg #nunsaram #nunsaramkoreandessertcafe #눈사람⛄ #nunsaramsg #koreanfood #koreandessert #bingsu