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The European was one of the most popular item as seen on reviews so we decided to give it a try! Would say it’s pretty good but the portion’s pretty small and undeserving of the price. I personally liked the Tunisian and pita bread. Smoked Paprika Fries were not bad but we ended up pretty full after. Pavlova was one of the chef’s recommendation for desserts, but pretty average. Overall, not super impressive! Would wanna come and try the coffee though.

European, S$24:
Overall tastes not bad, I had no complaints about it except it’s a little pricy comparing to other cafes, and luckily, the portion was just nice for me though!

Maybe or maybe not, I’ll come again..

One of my favorite brunch place as it serves nice food and coffee! However, the place is always very crowded so better to make your reservation before heading down.

Overall this dish was delightful when eaten together. Individual components were not spectacular in any way. Although the poached eggs were a little over-done and hence not runny, the buttery hollandaise sauce still brought the salty-sweet prosciutto, mushrooms and toasted brioche together. Tasting different layers, I would describe this dish figuratively as an elderly couple. When you look at them you go ‘meh’. But when you see them hold hands, you get this warm fuzzy feeling🙋🏻‍♀️

👍Can order


😆😆😆😆best brunch ever!

♡ The poached eggs! (Best that I had so far)
☆ $19++

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Definitely one of the better Benedicts I've had in Singapore. Goes well with a cheeky work brunch Bloody Mary. They usually have exciting add ins to your Bloody Mary like Bacon, olives and dill pickles. Couldn't get any of those today sadly.

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The brioche is soft and together with the poached egg, bacon and sliced portobello mushroom, the taste is just so goood!